Carl McCain Foundation Information

The Carl McCain Memorial Foundation was established May 1, 1979, and named in memory of Carl McCain of Shreveport, LA. Carl was part of the domestic crude oil trading business for many years and was admired and respected by those who were privileged to know him. He died in 1979 after an extended bout with cancer. Carl McCain's illness and his concern for the welfare of his granddaughter who was born severely handicapped during his last days were the inspiration of the establishment of the Foundation.  The Foundation is a tax exempt, publicly supported organization in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service code Section 501 (c)3 and makes financial grants to, or on behalf of, individuals and families who work (or have worked) in the energy industry and who are financially overburdened for medically related reasons.

Funding for the Foundation comes from corporate and individual donations, through participation in industry events. Each year numerous companies in the energy industry gather to sustain this worthy purpose. From May 1, 1979, through present, the Foundation has made grants in excess of $10 million.

The Foundation does not advertise - we rely on you to help us spread the word within your company and the energy business community.  We are grateful for your financial support and your help in accomplishing our mission to help people facing financial difficulty in a time of personal crisis.


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